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History of the Academy

Aquatic art, an outgrowth of synchronized swimming, water ballet, ornamental, rhythmic, and scientific swimming was officially created with the formation in 1955 of the International Academy of Aquatic Art (IAAA). The Academy is dedicated to the development of "creative swimming at it's best".

The people forming the IAAA were among the pioneers in synchronized swimming within the United States and Canada. Realizing the artistic potentials of this activity, the Academy's founders felt the need to form an organization to encourage and assist in the development of the creative and artistic aspects of aquatics.

The incorporators were Mary Derosier, former national AAU Synchronized Swimming Chairman; Richard J. Dodson, founder of the Aquatic Artist Newsletter; and Henry Gundling; former member of the U.S.A Olympic Games Committee for Synchronized Swimming.

The philosophy of the academy allows swimmers to develop the "sport" of synchronized swimming one step further--to that of art. Compositions are rated against high standards of excellence, not against each other. Therefore, all participants in an event could receive the highest rating.

Past festivals have been held throughout the United States and Canada.

For further information visit our exhibit at the International Swimming Hall of Fame located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida  or contact the historian at berthubb@comcast.net