Bill May is a member of the US Synchro Champions Santa Clara Swim Club, US          
triple champion in 2000 & 2001, on winning duet and team in 2002, on US
National team & is the Swiss Open Champ)

Bill May,  after dazzling the audience and critics with his new routine
"Mortal Body" at the Aquatic Art Festival on May 18, 2002,  gave an interview
to Bert Hubbard.  This video tape is now in the IAAA archives. The following
are a few highlights from that interview.

Bert:   What are your reactions to your first experience at an Aquatic Art Festival?

Bill:    What I've seen has been incredible.  It goes beyond the limits of synchro and  pulls in different emotions.  It   is like synchronized swimming without the boundaries.
Bert:   Do you think it's the kind of thing that other people in the field might have some interest in exploring?

Bill:    I think many people in synchro would love to come into aquatic art, because in  synchronized swimming     there are so many limitations.  With aquatic art  there are many possibilities, and so many different ways to represent your feelings.

Bert:   You already have gained a reputation in synchro as someone who pushes the envelope. Obviously "Mortal Body" certainly pleased both camps.  Do you see yourself as a pioneer?

Bill:    Well I consider synchro as a sport that needs to evolve, and without evolving it will not have a future.  I think every synchronized swimmer needs to really push the limits if the sport is to grow.  I've tried to think of something that constantly gives me a push, something that will motivate me to go beyond the limits of normal synchronized swimming.  

Conclusion: Many thanks to Bill May for not only sharing his thoughts but for sharing two of his top routines, plus giving an excellent workshop. Best wishes to Bill for a  successful summer in Switzerland, and we hope he can return to another Festival with more of his dazzling technique and creativity.